Hope Cafe for asylum seekers

Since 2018 we have opened Hope Church Central to asylum seekers, wanting to help them in their transition to Crewe and the UK. Pre Covid we provided food, clothes, household items, English conversation worksheets and a place to relax and chat, with table tennis and table football!

For the past year we have been delivering food to homes, and have helped with many and varied practical needs, such as ringing doctors, asylum help, helping with setting up bank accounts, reading letters, and often just a friendly face to support people in their situations.

Currently Hope Church Central is open on a Wednesday from 10-11:30 to pick up food, household items and clothes, and to help with whatever we can! There are also free haircuts available!

We also have a Bible study for Farsi speakers. Contact us for details.

Tea and Coffee

For many years we have been in Crewe town centre every week, offering free tea and coffee. There are a number of people who meet us regularly, and others who are just passing. Some have questions about the Christian faith, some want prayer and others just a friendly chat. You can meet us on Tuesday at 10:30am opposite Costa’s!

School and College Groups

Christian Union

Phil and Emma run a Christian Union in the local college, which aims to welcome Christians and support them in their time at college and to provide an informal place where all students can ask questions about faith and life! We meet on Tuesdays from 1-1:45pm in the Student Centre.


Muffin Club

We run a weekly drop in, in a local high school, where young people can find support and ask questions about faith and life.

CAP Christians Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty is a national organisation which is passionate about releasing people in our nation from a life sentence of debt, poverty and its causes. Working with the church they bring good news, hope and freedom. There is a CAP centre in Crewe and Hope Church helps in this work along with West Street Christian Fellowship. If you are interested in attending a CAP money course, initial contact can be made by phoning the CAP Freephone Number 0800 328 0006

Hope Church Central

Hope Church Central is our building, which houses the weekly meetings such as church lunch,Youth and prayer meetings. It is situated on Derrington Avenue and used to be a Welsh Chapel. It is also increasingly used by community groups and the Council and can be hired out at a reasonable cost. Please contact us by email on info@hopechurchcrewe.com for hire of the building.